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Top 5 tips to get some space (from salespeople!) in 2016!!
1. Telephone salespeople: Get on the Do Not Call register! It’s a free service and stops telesales people contacting you.
2. Door to Door Salespeople: In my suburb these are the electricity and telecommunications sales people. They try to get you to sign up to their company on the spot. Sign the register, get an ugly sticker and get rid of them.
3. Get rid of your junk email. All of those companies that you have given your email address to over the years. If you’re with Gmail (yay!) start with your junk settings. Then get onto unroll.me a free app that cuts out junk mail.
This app gets them gone.
4. Physical junk mail in your letterbox: It’s a HUGE waste of paper and an environmental scourge. Sign up to an e-catalogue company like lassoo and get those papers out of your letterbox.
5. Flyers from distribution companies: These are flyers that people print up and pay someone to walk around and stick them in your letterbox. Get a free sticker from the Australian Catalogue Association.

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