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An old precious friend recently said that she wished we lived closer so we could get together and make jam, pies and laugh.  I would love this to happen.  

My heart wants to break free of my chest and fly to her kitchen across the seas.  

Sometimes I get SO homesick.

This is where I grew up, Bowen Island:

pic from http://seattlestravels.com/

I spent many Halloween nights standing behind the chains in the above photo watching the fireworks.  Everyone of those nights I would burn my tongue on the HOT chocolate provided by the fire department.

This is the almost view from the deck of our house.

Sunset on Bowen Island main road

Bowen Island 1 by PictureBC

Now seasons change and I am still the same
I dont belong to anyone
Still a piece of me will always be
Sitting in my hometown sun 

Start playing at 0:41 to skip the chatty intro (unless that’s your thing!)
[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9LCrSdRnPXI?rel=0]

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